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     Jiangsu Jinshang New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-barrier pharmaceutical packaging material and Alu-Plastic film for Li-battery.Based on the technical advantages in laminated foil filed , advanced production facilities and R&D capability ,Jinshang is capable of manufacturing two types of high-end packaging materials :high-barrier pharmaceutical packaging material (S-type special biological film, Cold-Forming foil, tropical foil, etc.) and Alu-Plastic film for Li-battery (AGT, PGT and different thickness of black film, silver film). And the key technical indexes are in leading level of China.......More

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E-mail: jsxc@jsjsxc.com
Address:NO.38 Huang He Road,Lianyungang Econ.&Tech.Development Zone Jiangsu Province.P.R.China
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